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google voice: 540-227-0221


”Looking for meaningful work in menial times.”



google voice: 540-227-0221


”Looking for meaningful work in menial times.”


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I am looking for meaningful work promoting businesses and causes, ideas big and small, and personal and planetary edification. Gigs in illustration, design, teaching, or advocacy (business and non-profit) or some combination thereof are especially attractive.

I'll bring with me:

  • 4-year degree
  • Graphics and marketing experience
  • Classroom teaching experience
  • Service orientation
  • Great presentation skills
  • Veteran heart disease fighter
  • ‘T-shaped’ personhood (Verified!)
  • Humor and enthusiasm

In return I'll ask for:

  • Quality leadership and mentoring
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Work that leans toward the Good
  • Competitive compensation

I invite you to view my resumé and connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact me directly.

You are the dope sauce on an awesome salad.
— Jason Berrie, DJ & Paramedic
  View My Portfolio on Bēhance

View My Portfolio on Bēhance


Long before graduating from Virginia Tech with a BFA in Art & Art History, I drew, and it's never been more than a degree or two away from what brought home the bacon.* I've done illustration, caricature, painting, graphic design, web design, talent recruitment and development, and Art- and Creative Direction. You can jump right to my portfolio on Bēhance, or stay and read. More...

* Bacon is cruel. Don't dig on pig.



Plants are keeping me alive when I might otherwise be dead, so I'm pretty enthusiastic about their care and cultivation. I was completely unprepared for the joy found in the garden, and now the calling to spread –like so much green manure– the good word about a plant-based diet, a permaculture revolution, and the interrelatedness of everyone and everything (plants teach me that) has thoroughly seized me. More...



In a former job, I was routinely called the “Pied Piper” for student recruitment. I've taught art, design, creative thinking, and digital savvy to pre-K kids, college professors, and almost every age in between. I'm available for private mentoring in those subjects year-round in Blacksburg, VA, Southside, VA and the Research Triangle. I also teach for Danville Community College every fall. This year, I'm really getting into teaching about plants, and cooking for kids. More...


Design + Drawing

Design + Drawing


In The Beginning, There Was Art

For as long as I can remember, there's been drawing in my life.

When I was a child, I obsessively studied Beatrix Potter drawings, some of which really creeped me out (The Roly- Poly Pudding, anyone?).

When a little older, I committed to reproducing all the drawings in a massive book of John James Audubon drawings from my parents' library.

In high school, I drew monsters and super-mutants, forts and bases for G.I. Joes on graph paper, and titillating ladies in the margins of my notebook paper.

In college, I drew lots of naked, sleeping hippies in Life Drawing classes, lots of classmates in notebook margins, and poured over giant tomes of Renaissance Masters from the Art and Architecture library.

I published comic books somewhere along the way, and also did illustrations for small press and local outlets.

Nowadays, I continue my interest in mostly heroic figures —vibrant, ideal, and tragic.

Artists whose work grabbed me include Michelangelo BuonarottiGeorge BridgmanFrank Frazetta, Inka Essenhigh, John Kricfalusi, and Takashi Murakami.

Check out my portfolio on Bēhance and follow my Tumblog and Facebook pages for the steadiest stream of new work by me (some for sale!), and other artists I like.



Zombie Pin Up Girls, Burning Babies, t-shirt designs, political cartoons, caricatures, and other series. See my Illustration work in my portfolio on Bēhance.

Fine Art

Nudes, studies, or just taking lines for a stroll in pen and ink, oils and acrylics, or iOS. See my Fine Art work in my portfolio on Bēhance.


Art & Creative Direction

From sci-fantasy comics to logo development with regional brands, I've been lucky to have a guiding hand with a host of VERY talented artists and designers. See my Art/Creative Direction work in my portfolio on Bēhance.


Graphic Design

Both for my own independent businesses and for clients across my career, I've developed graphics for print and the web, flyers and T-shirts, ads and info graphics. See my Graphic Design work in my portfolio on Bēhance.




It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
— Frederick Douglas

School Should Be Cool

In my 4 years in public education I saw otherwise bright and energetic young people put their enthusiasm on hold as they just auto-piloted through their day. But education is critical, and I've seen some of our future best and brightest dulled despite our best intentions by a factory system of learning.

Education needs to go from onus to awesome!

I'm a long-time art and design professional, plant enthusiast, and college classroom instructor eager to help young people engage their talents and stay engaged with the world; they're our best hope, so let's help them stay hopeful.

I'm working on a Very Short Manifesto to share soon, and I am happy to share my enthusiasm, experience, and attention with studentsIf you're in Blacksburg, VASouthside, VA, or the Research Triangle of NC, contact me for details.

I have never let schooling get in the way of my education.
— Mark Twain

Art and Design

At its core Art is a skill about attention and communication, and it's been marginalized to our detriment. Art teaches perspective, problem solving, communication, and attention skills. It's a discipline that develops successful professionals across many careers. I've been an Art Director, a Creative Director, a freelance designer, Multimedia, Computer Graphics, and Creative Thinking instructor, and a Design program curriculum coordinator. I'm also a decent illustrator in my own right. More to come.

Travel and Experience

Introducing students to creative professionals in my network is one of the pleasures of teaching! Be it in person or online, together we've visited Google's offices in Chelsea, Etsy's offices in Brooklyn, the Martin Agency in Richmond, and museums and galleries in between. Travel and personal relationships open many doors for eager young professionals, and there are so many great resources within Virginia and North Carolina alone! I am happy to help make connections and expand horizons for aspiring professionals. More to come.

Nature and Health

We are not always encouraged to cultivate knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world; too often we only hear about another way it's been broken, but it is deeply rewarding and informative. Gardening and kitchen skills can come together to create a fuller picture of life and health. Cooking is a joyful celebration of life and sharing; microwaving a hot pocket is not. In 2014 I'm studying Child Nutrition & Cooking through Stanford online and am eager to share! More to come.

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122 points in 4 weeks.

That's how much and how quickly I lowered my cholesterol when I switched to a low oil, all vegan diet after being diagnosed with heart disease at the age of 36. Two years later, I've also raised my Duke score 3 points and erased my angina.

I always thought I took after my dad, who is super robust and barreling toward 80, but at least part of me took after his bother Pat who died of a massive heart attack at just 39 years old.

Today I am not only a dietary vegan, but an ethical one too. Veganism is a way of positive living and stewardship for animals, plants, people, and the planet. It's a joyful way of living AND eating —and we eat really well!

No animal has to die in order for me to live, and that makes me feel good.
— Howard Lyman, the ‘Mad’ Cowboy, 4th Generation Rancher and Vegan

Whole Food Plant Based

I'm pursuing WFPB Nutrition certification through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. I finish my certification in February 2014.


Vegan Advocacy

I'm really happy to speak publicly about my diet and the larger picture of animal welfare and public health. You can see one of my presentations here. I'm writing a free eBook with quick vegan recipes for lazy but compassionate people. Until it comes out, you should just see all the food porn on my Instagram feed.


Vegan For The Win™

My philosophy and my tumblog for vegans, the veg-positive, and the veg-curious. Recipes, cute animals, advocacy, and nature. T-shirts and other merchandise, too.


Permanent Agriculture

Permanent Agriculture

In fine Virginia gentleman tradition, I am committed to the land. Before I switched to a plant-based diet, I had no idea how relaxing and profoundly rewarding work on the land and in the garden is. The connection to the seasons, the health of our soil, and our own health are too-often ignored and yet deeply relevant today. Our family's small lot on Main street is undergoing a change from the everyday arid lawn of suburbia to a beautiful, edible forest that supports our family and friends and adds much-needed biomass to our planet. Baby, can you dig it?

Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening.
— Mike Feingold

Virginia Master Gardener

I will graduate from the Southside Master Gardener program in May, 2014. Between now and then I'm learning about plants, soil, and water, and volunteering hours to help spread garden knowledge and grow the program.

Permaculture Designer

This winter, I'm taking a FREE online course from Larry Korn (and others) to prepare for the Permaculture Design Certification Exam. Movement co-founder Bill Mollison says that, “while the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” I'm learning to be part of the solution.